This project was a sponsored senior studio course at the college for creative studies, our client was Life Remodeled, a non-profit that aids Detroit neighborhoods by investing in communities offering home repairs, education services, and neighborhood beautification efforts led by volunteers. Their goal was to communicate their mission through a cohesive brand identity in order to show the community that the organization works with residents while fighting gentrification that pushes lifetime residents out of their city. Our team's design was ultimately chosen to be used as their official identity at the end of the project.
Copywriting, Visual design, Motion Design, Web design, & Research.
Team members include Alex Porter, Megan Parak, Rachel Smalley, and SopheAnn Buzgan (me).

With substantial investments of cash, labor and materials, Life Remodeled focuses on the andrevitalization of Detroit neighborhoods distinguished by significant their need and radical hope.Throughout the process of unifying for a common mission, participants begin to realize how much they respect and need each other, which is a catalyst for long-term relationships and partnerships.

The "/" element is the anchor of the identity, it represents Life Remodeled always being WITH their community as opposed to working 'for' them.

See full project here.